• Collaborative Environment

    Collaborative Environment

    Custom designed collaborative environment, with marker board surfaces, adjustable height (sit/stand) bases, and integrated data & power ports, created using Segmented Systems.


  • Large U-Shaped Workstation

    Large U-Shaped Workstation

    These large U-Shaped stations are ideal for professionals who require a large working area and need to collaborate together with colleagues.

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  • Freestanding office system

    Freestanding office system

    Configure the Freestanding Office system 2 to create the perfect Private office!

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  • U-Shaped Workstation

    U-Shaped Workstation

    For the 21st century young working professional in a fast paced environment, who values ergonomics, stylish design, and functionality!

    For the one who wants to make a statement - check out the U-Shaped Segmented system.

  • Custom designed L-Shaped Workstation

    Custom designed L-Shaped Workstation

    Taking the office cubicle to a whole new level - custom design.

    For the one who wants to make a statement - check out this custom designed Segmented station.

  • Conference Tables

    Conference Tables

    In addition to conference tables, Segmented Systems Manufacturing provides an array of table surfaces and bases to suit all requirements. Our selection ranges from training room tables, break room tables, folding and flip-top tables, moveable tables and so much more. If you need a very specific type of table, please call us and ask about our custom design service!

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